Moving Within The Same City? 5 Reasons To Rely On Self Storage

18 April 2016
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Renting a storage unit is often thought of as a last resort for anybody running out of storage space at home, but it can also be very useful to take advantage of if you are in the process of moving. As long as you are staying within the same city, you can enjoy numerous benefits that renting a self-storage can come with—whether you rent temporarily or long-term.

Downsizing to a Smaller Place is Easily Possible

For some people in the process of moving, their plans are to move into a smaller space to save money on rent. If this is your intention, it's likely that you won't be able to bring all of your belongings from your current home or apartment. Instead of feeling like you need to get rid of your items, you can comfortably place everything into storage until you're ready to remove them again.

Good Opportunity for Picking Up Packing Supplies

One good thing that most self-storage facilities offer to potential tenants is packing supplies. It can be difficult to purchase a large supply of packing supplies when you are in a hurry to move, but with a storage facility that offers packing supplies, it becomes much easier.

Since you may not be concerned about heavy-duty moving boxes since you'll only be traveling a short distance, used packing supplies may also be ideal and likely available at a storage facility.

Ease of Access to Your Items in Storage

When choosing a storage facility to rent at, make sure to focus only on facilities close to your new home. By renting at a local facility, you won't need to deal with the frustration of driving far to access your items.

Long-Term Storage Discounts May Be Available

If you intend on using a storage unit for a long period, the cost for renting may be a lot lower than you originally anticipated. When renting within the same city, it will be easy to use the storage unit without a long drive or unnecessary struggles, making a long-term rental a good idea—especially since discounts may be offered for tenants that stay with the same facility for a long period.

Better Security for the Items Stored Away

When you store extra items in a provided storage space at your new apartment or in a backyard shed at a new house, you likely won't have access to the same kind of security features you might expect. By renting at a storage facility, your items can be protected with locked gate access, surveillance cameras, and even security guards.

If you're on the fence over whether self-storage is a good solution when moving, consider some of the above benefits. Contact a business, such as L M Storage, for more information.