Need More Storage For A Small Home? 3 Ways To Use A Storage Unit

11 January 2023
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Living in a small home can mean struggling with having enough space for all your belongings. Whether you have many hobbies that require extra equipment and supplies or live somewhere with all four seasons and need weather-related tools, your home can quickly become too full.

Instead of filling your closets and garage to the brim with your belongings, consider the advantages of renting a storage unit and how you can use them without any frustration. 

Choose a Local Facility 

Renting a storage unit due to owning a small home may mean you're storing a lot of items you'll want convenient access to. Instead of running into issues where your items are tough to reach due to a long drive to the storage facility, it's wise to choose a local storage facility that's a short drive away.

Pay attention to how you'll access the facility and where your storage unit is located in the building. This means checking the hours, whether you can pull your car up to your unit, and its location in proximity to your home and usual stops. 

Consider What to Keep

When you've been struggling with finding storage at home, it's easy for some of your rooms to become cluttered and disorganized. This can lead to not knowing exactly what you're holding onto, making it difficult to put everything into storage. 

Before you box up items and bring them to a storage facility, set aside the time to sort through everything. Taking note of items you want to toss out, sell, or donate can greatly reduce how many items you'll be putting in storage. 

Stay Realistic Over Sizing

Sorting through all your belongings before putting them in storage can help considerably in determining what size will be ideal. From small 8'x8' storage units to ones that are much larger, the price can differ greatly, along with their availability. Since you'll be using the storage unit as an addition to your home, it makes sense to calculate the square footage you need for your items before committing to any particular unit. 

Renting a storage unit can make you feel much better about how much room you have at home. Closets and your garage can be used for their intended purposes instead of being a drop-off area for storage. Before you sign a contract for any storage units available, follow the above tips and consider the difference they can make in sorting through everything and placing items in storage without an issue. 

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