Three Uses For Environmentally-Controlled Storage Units That You May Never Have Thought Of Before

17 March 2016
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Environmentally controlled storage units are very useful for preserving cars, artwork, and other very valuable items. However, you do not have to limit them to storing just these items or using them just for storage. Here are three other uses for environmentally-controlled storage you may never have thought of before.

Big Game Cleaning

After you kill a deer or other big game, you usually have to hang it up and cut it open to let the bodily fluids out. Some hunters do this in their own garages, but since it is quite unsightly and has a tendency to draw flies because the temperature in the garage is not adequately controlled, you could rent a cold storage unit and clean your big game there. By setting the temperature to freezing or below, the meat is preserved and kept from odors, while a drip tray underneath keeps the floor clean. Just be sure to remove your kill and have it properly butchered within a few days. (Also make sure that this particular use of a cold storage unit does not go against the lease agreements. Some cold storage proprietors may cater to hunters for this purpose, but not all allow it. Those that do have very strict rules about using the unit for game cleaning.)

Extra Garages for All of Your Vehicles

Some people have more cars, trucks, RVs, boats, ATVS and motorcycles than they can hold in one garage. If you have this problem, you could rent storage units to hold your extra vehicles, thereby keeping your extra rides and "toys" in tip-top condition. Smaller units work well for motorcycles, while mid-sized units work well for trucks, cars and some boats. Your RVs and large boats or yachts will have to go into the largest units available.

Temporary Warehouse Space

When your warehouse is stuffed to the gills and you are desperate to put incoming inventory somewhere, you could rent environmentally-controlled storage units to keep the new shipments safe until more shipments leave the warehouse. Then you can transfer the stuff from the storage, where it remains fresh, dry and undamaged, into the warehouse. Some proprietors have restrictions about flammable and edible items in their storage units, so just make sure that using the storage units for this purpose does not go against your rental agreement. If you have shipments of flammable or edible items arriving, you may want to switch non-edible and non-flammable items out of the warehouse and into the storage units so you have somewhere to put the incoming edibles/flammables.

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