Tips For Avoiding Common Mistakes When Loading A Storage Unit

14 March 2016
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Renting a storage unit may be the best option for reducing clutter and freeing space around your home. While using these spaces may seem simple, it is possible to make some basic errors that can either damage your possessions or lead to confusion later. By considering the following two tips, you should find it easier to avoid common mistakes with storage units.

Place Underfilled Boxes At The Top

When arranging the boxes in your unit, you should make it a point to keep boxes that are extremely heavily or completely filled placed at the bottom. This will prevent them from collapsing the boxes underneath. Next, you should stack the middle weight containers on top of the heaviest boxes. Lastly, underfilled and very light boxes should be placed on top. While this approach to stacking will take you longer, it may prove to be the difference between your items making it through storage without harm or a collapse that causes extensive damage.

Due to the need to use this type of stacking order, you should make sure to carefully consider what items are going in each box. By determining where the box will be in the stack while you are packing it, you can help ensure that you are as efficient as possible while avoiding the risk of the boxes collapsing.  

Create A Map Of Your Storage Unit

Prior to starting the loading process, you should pace through the unit and create a rough floor plan. This sketch does not have to be completely accurate, but you should make it big enough for you to be able to box in areas and write text.

In between taking each load into the unit, you should take a moment to create a sketch of how you the boxes you must put inside the unit are organized. For example, if you have several boxes of clothing that were placed in the back right corner of the unit, you should box in the area on your floor plan and write that it contains clothing. This may seem unnecessary but, you may not need these items for months or years, which will make it likely that you will forget which boxes contained which items.

If you are looking to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, renting a storage unit might be the only option outside of getting rid of these possessions. To make sure that you avoid some routine issues, you should make sure to use appropriate stacking techniques as well as sketching a map of how the boxes are organized. For more information on storage facilities, visit