Moving Into Your First Apartment? 4 Things To Do As Soon As You Arrive

9 March 2016
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When you are moving into your first apartment, you will likely feel quite anxious and want to begin moving items inside and unpacking as soon as you arrive. However, moving out of your parents' house can give you more than enough time to get the apartment ready for daily life, which can save you a lot of trouble. 

Put Aluminum Foil Around the Burner Pans

It is possible that you might start using the stovetop on day one. Also, with a responsible landlord, you will likely have brand-new drip pans on an electric stove. Instead of wearing down their lifespan from the beginning, you should cover them in aluminum foil to preserve them throughout your entire stay. The drip pans are not expensive to replace, but you can save a bit of money with foil protection.

Take Pictures of the Property

Most landlords will provide you with a move-in checklist to go through together or on your own. It is crucial to take your time and write everything down in detail, but you should also not hesitate to take pictures. These pictures will be your proof later on when you move out if the landlord has any questions related to damages that you know you did not cause. Uploading the pictures on social media is an effective way to timestamp the pictures, so no excuse can be made regarding the legitimacy of your claims.

Deep Clean Everything

Depending on the apartment you rent, it may come in anywhere from fairly clean to pristine condition. If it is not spotless, you should take the time to deep clean the place before unpacking anything. Whether you buy cleaning supplies and handle the responsibility or get cleaning services is up to you, but getting it done before you move everything in makes it easier to do the cleaning and keep your items clean.

Mount Shelving

After you set up your bed, dresser, tables, couch, and other furniture, you might not have the easiest time reaching the walls. If you are bringing shelving, you should mount it all on the wall beforehand. It is crucial to know where you want everything to go, but a bit of planning can save you a lot of frustration.

Moving into an apartment for the first time can be a little overwhelming, but you can have a smooth transition when you know exactly what you need to do as soon as you move into the place. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from All About Moving.