Tips For Making A State-To-State Move With Your Dogs

7 March 2016
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As your family prepares to move from one state to another to be closer to your extended family, it is vital that you consider the unique needs of your dogs during the moving process. By planning ahead for the needs of your dogs, you can greatly lower their stress level during your move and make everyone's life a bit more pleasant during the process.

Follow these time-tested tips to safely and easily move your dogs to your new home in a different state:

Make a Final Appointment with Your Dogs' Veterinarian

In the weeks before your move date, you should make an appointment with your dogs' veterinarian. At this final appointment, you should obtain certificates showing that your dogs are healthy and copies of their medical records. Some states require a current health certificate to register a dog, and having copies of their medical records prevents the need for unnecessary vaccinations and guesswork for your dogs' new veterinarian.

Have Your Dogs ID Chipped

One of the best ways to protect your dog from becoming lost if they are separated from you is to have an ID chip installed in them. The small chip is placed on the loose skin on your dogs neck and there is no pain involved with the procedure. With an ID chip, any animal organization or veterinarian can scan the chip and know immediately who the owner of the dog is. At your last appointment with your current veterinarian, you should have your dog ID chipped. You should register them with your new address and your current cell phone number so that you can be reached if necessary.

Buy New ID Tags for Your Dogs

Before your move date, you should also buy new ID tags for your dogs and place them on their collars. Rather than your old address and phone number, you need to list your cell phone number and new address on the tags. This will ensure that if your dogs get out of your car along your route or when you reach your new home, then anyone who finds them will immediately be able to call you and arrange for you to pick them up.

Take Current Photos of your Dogs

Finally, before you leave for your new home, you should take some current photos of your dogs. Store the photos on your cell phone or in your email account where they can be easily accessed in the event that you are separated from your dogs and need to ask for people to be on the lookout for your lost dogs. Click here for more information about long distance movers.