4 Packing Tips You Won't Want To Forget

3 March 2016
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If you are getting ready to pack up your house to put everything into a storage unit, make sure you put the effort into packing everything in a manner that keeps them from being damaged during the process. It doesn't take much to pack your belongings in a way that ensures their protection. You can learn about 4 ways to pack or things so they will fare better during both transport and storage.

1: Use plenty of bubble wrap

When you know you are going to be packing, begin by making sure you have plenty of bubble wrap. Use it to protect all your fragile items. Glasses should be wrapped individually and then put in a box. Plates can be packed by putting down a layer of bubble wrap, then a plate, then more bubble wrap and another plate on top of that.

2: Use photos on fragile boxes

Many times people you have helping you will be so into moving your things fast that they won't even notice that you have written the word "Fragile" on certain boxes. This can lead to a lot of our things getting destroyed. For this reason, you should take an up-close picture of the fragile items you are putting in a box, print it out and tape it to the sides of the box along with the word "Fragile". When the person sees the picture of a glass vase, fragile knick knacks or other breakable items, they will be more careful with the box.

3: Use the same sized boxes

Using boxes of the same size makes it much easier for you to stack your things in a uniform manner. If you do need to put some of your items into smaller boxes, you can always put those smaller boxes into one of the regular sized moving boxes so you can still keep all your boxes the same.

4: Pack soft items in plastic bags

If you have soft items, such as throw pillows and blankets, that you aren't worried about getting smashed, pack them in plastic bags. You can fill any spaces in the storage unit with these bags, as well as toss them on top of furniture and boxes so you don't waste the space near the top of the unit.

This advice is going to help you keep everything in the same condition it was in before you packed it, when you pull it out of your storage unit. Contact a storage company, like A To Z Storage Center or another location, for more ideas and info.